Friends and Family Test Feedback

The NHS Friends and Family Test provides us with an ongoing feedback about your experience at the practice. Whether you have good things or bad things to say about our service, you are cordially invited to fill in the forms found in Reception.

The responses are collected on a monthly basis and evaluated. It is our commitment to publish the results regularly. Thank you for your continued support. Please see the results below along with comments selected from the most recent month:

In 2019 March we received a lot of feedback on being able to get an appointment on time, helpful, polite and friendly staff and the nice waiting area. Thank you!

Month Approval Rate
2018 June 97%
2018 July 91%
2018 August 99%
2018 September 100%
2018 October 97%
2018 November 100%
2018 December 96%
2019 January 100%
2019 February 100%
2019 March 100%